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Sentiero nel Bosco – a 1-2 Hour Quick Hike behind our Backdoor

By just crossing the old town bridge, starting from the Istituto Agrario di San Michele all’Adige, You can go for a quick hike with a beautiful view over the valley of Piana Rotaliana. It is not possible to do the hike with a stroller, but even younger children might love it (if used to hiking).

You can:

  • explore a formerĀ  brown bear cave
  • visit an old millstone (which broke before being used)
  • get familiar with the valley
  • watch a lot of birds and insects
  • find delicious fruit such as wood strawberries
  • have a picknick while enjoying the view over the valley

Watch out:

  • the first part is quite steep
  • especially when wet the middle part can get slippery
  • there might be ticks, so check any dogs (and yourself) for them afterwards or consider treatment before you go
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